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3D Modeling

Over the  last few years, Mauricio has entered the world of computer 3D modeling and  animation. He has created accurate digital models of several fossil  vertebrates, from sabertooth cats to mammoths and hominids. He has also worked  with talented animators to set the creatures in motion. In 2004 he collaborated  with artist and animator José Antonio Peñas, who created a sequence showing the  sabertooth Homotherium stalking and  hunting a Pleistocene deer.
In  collaboration with animator Juan Pérez-Fajardo and his company 'The Fly  Factory', he has worked in the making of animations of various prehistoric  creatures, several of which are shown in Museum and theme Park 'Dinopolis', in  Teruel, Spain. Currently they work on a more ambitious project dealing with the  evolution of sabertooths.